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Live BDSM cams with strict Females ready to dominate and control you in a live Chat room. Get ready to be humiliated, owned, collared and spanked hard in our live Bdsm cam chat rooms. These strict females are cruel, mean bitches who enjoy training weak slaves,pathetic sissy girls and useless subs. These dungeon Video rooms,  are always busy for training, for lifestyle changes and to understand more about the life of a slave and handing over total control to a new owner/Mistress.

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Get ready to meet and be tortured on our Live bdsm Cams, our torture webcam shows, with fetish girls who know exactly how to get what they want in any type of fantasy scenario. Below is a list of just some of the training sessions that will happen in our online dungeon video chat rooms.

  • Hot candle wax play Cbt Cock and Ball Torture.
  • Tease and Denial Body  Worship- Orgasm Control
  • Anal Training Strapon Cams Prostate Massage
  • Hand cuffs Bound Gagged Duct Tape
  • Hog ties, straps, leather cuffs Straight jackets
  • Spanking, Caning, Whipping and floggers

Using our dungeon equipment on our weak slaves, to humiliate them, to dress them up and force them to be cock suckers. Make them suck, lick and worship our feet, is what happens in these live shows. These online sessions give any subs a taste of what it be like to be controlled, collared and owned by females who are dominant and love humiliation.Be prepared to be stripped of any dignity you ever had, they will deny you any pleasure, they will own your orgasm, they will take charge of your thinking and fuck with your mind.


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Corporal Punishment Online

When she sits on your face and demands you worship her ass and pussy. She rubs her wet pussy into your face, she loves queening and using slaves as human furniture.

  • Blackmail fantasy
  • Financial domination
  • Sissy/slave humiliation
  • Fetish Role plays
  • Verbal Humiliation
  • Ball busting ball stretching, cock slapping.

When she describes to yo u in detail in her live bdsm chat room what she will do to you and how she will do it, when she forces you into sissy clothes or slut outfits, when she demands you suck cocks for her, these are all just some of the things you can expect when in her web cam show. She never holds back when it comes to taking charge, she will make you sign a slave contract, she will demand you give up any rights you ever had and hand your life over to her.No matter what type of femdom cam shows you are looking for you can be assured to find it on our live site right now. From stay at home moms who enjoy being in charge to cruel older women who have retired who were former head Mistresses to females who just enjoy being bossy or bratty girls who love to make you feel so small and useless. We have every type of session available in these live online chats and  with bdsm information rife you are sure to find exactly what you desire on one of our online sites tonight.

  • Strip and face the wall slave
  • Clean that toilet pan with your tongue
  • Suck black cocks and eat cum loser
  • Suck our panties clean
  • Crawl on the floor and be my pet
  • Sleep in the cage slave Become a caged slave
Blackmail Mistress

These are just some of what you can expect in the BDSM Cams show. When you first enter you will be greeted by women dressed in fetish clothes, like pvc, latex or leather, they will be smoking and looking mean and cruel and ready to greet you while holding a whip or cane. It can be intimidating and scary but that is what they want.

They will never ever show mercy in these sessions and rarely like to use a safe word.If you think you can stomach their hard rules, with their hard play sessions, then step inside and begin your journey right now. These females are all ages from teen Mistresses to mature Mistresses and not forgetting our black/ebony Femdoms and Big chubby women. We also have grannies on web cam who love to control the younger guys in these free chat room shows.Get ready to view our bdsm cam chatting sites and see for yourself how hardcore these dominatrixes can be when it comes to giving orders they have it down to a fine art. They laugh in your face and piss all over you and demand you drink it, they make you their human toy, their little play thing their sex slave and much more. Perhaps being locked up in a cage and bounded in a hog tie is is enough to make you sit up and take notice. Do not be fooled with a sweet smile . because behind that smile lies a devious, evil cruel female who does not care about your feelings or life.


Domination Webcam Chats

Live Domination cams with cruel Mistress who enjoys every area of task assignments, slave training and humiliation on live webcam. If you are ready to see just how much these mean bitches enjoy showing no mercy and laughing in the face of their slaves then join our domination cams online live today and begin your journey into Slave training and control in a live dungeon web cam

Cruel Domination Cams With Twisted Mistresses

Cock and Ball Torture

If you are ready to experience a twisted, worped mind of a mistress who thrives on mind games and fuck play then you have found the right place.These bitches know exactly what buttons to press to get what they want and they do not hold back when it comes to demanding that you adore, worship and become their little pet. These cruel domination webcam rooms are busy 247 with females who love to humiliate, and belittle weak men. To tell you how worthless and pathetic you are really does turn them on. From face slapping and spitting as well as ball busting and forced cock sucking these women know exactly how to make you feel pathetic and used. So read on and learn all about our live twisted, cruel, dominant Mistresses who enjoy having a slave on his knees in the worship position, ready for his bondage and discipline, his spanking and whipping.

What happens in a Live Domination Cam show?

In these type of online sessions you can expect for a Mistress to play games with you straight away and she will suss out very quickly what your weaknesses are and she will use them against you. If she thinks you have a thing for sexy feet or big boobs she will use these  to get what she wants when she wants. She knows certain areas of her body make you weak and that you are addicted to her, therefore she really has full reign to play with you and get the most out of you, both mentally and financially. So be ready for a roller coaster ride with a cruel Femdom. So what happens in a domination cam show?I also came across a really good article on bdsm Slave training which lists many ideas and techniques for those new to the scene or those trying to understand the whole concept of  slave training whether it be online or offline this information is laid out well and very infomrative

  • Mistress will discuss with you what type of slave you are ie, pain slut, sissy bitch, orgasam control slave including chastity, perhaps a humiliation sissy or slave etc
  • Your Mistress will then discuss what kind of things can be used in  your online session, what props, toys household items etc
  • If you have a webcam You can show your Mistress
  • Tasks and Assignments will be discussed
  • Dressing up or standing naked will be discussed
  • If it’s a blackmail scenario, then team viewer and or personal questions are asked to be used against you.
  • Your New Goddess will test you out to see how far she can push,

Get ready to view us live right now and keep up to date with our pictures and information over at our twitter feed at femdom cams – slave training

These are just some of the things you can expect just before you start your live domination cams sessions, our Dominas will always ensure they get what they want from a slave, they enjoy using hypno, blackmail and financial domination in cam sessions as well as breath play, popper sluts and dressing up sissy girls for pubic humiliation online and live bdsm cams

Slave Tasks And Assignments

bdsm chat roomsIf you are ready to be given your tasks by Mistress then step inside and begin to obey. From being told to dress a particular way to body worship or even feeling like you are back at school and made to do lines as a punishment.We have hundreds of these live Mistresses waiting right now to ensure you do as your told, from cleaning their feet, high heels, to cleaning their houses to shopping tasks, outdoor tasks and so much more. We have so many assignments we would give our slaves and we do not hold back when it comes to tasks and assignments for slaves

No matter what the task or assignment that you are given by your mistress you have to carry it out, or she will use blackmail and financial domination against you. These are mean bitches, cruel females who don’t give a dam about you or your self worth. These cruel women just want to abuse, use ,degrade and laugh in your face and tell you how pathetic you really are, they do not hold back when it comes to putting weak men who need disciplined and taught how to obey us properly. In these live online sessions these women use their mind and their body to get what they want when they want and you must always obey every last orders, you must carry out all tasks and assignments as these cruel femdomcams can be lethal when it comes to exploiting useless weak men