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For many people not in to the whole BDSM scene then the initial image is a man getting whipped on a cross by a female in a leather body suit with a black mask on.

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How ever, for those who are participants in the BDSM community then the actual most important part of the whole scene and of any scenario is humiliation.

For the submissive, it is the act of some one else having the control over them that means they can humiliate them and they have no choice but to accept it. For the Domme, it is the perfect way to show her control and dominance over the weaker male and to “put him in his place” so to speak and leave him in no doubt what so ever that he is nothing but a plaything for her to do with as she pleases.This blog has many women waiting to take you to the extremes – Best femdom Cams

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sissy humiliationThere are two reasons a Mistress might utilize humiliation on a slave. The first being when he is totally humiliated and degraded, he will be “broken” and there for will be more susceptible to her demands.

To be red faced and wishing the degrading experience would stop renders a slave willing to do anything for fear it will only get worse.

He will therefor always comply with his owner’s demands. An experienced dominatrix in this instance will gradually make the experiences she forces her slave to under go to be more and more degrading but he will not realize due to being broken and seeing this as normal.

The second reason is one of punishment. Slaves will routinely step out of line. Either intentionally pushing the boundaries or accidently breaking the rules set forth by his Domme but either way, it can not be allowed to go unchecked or they will start to lose the sub/Dom hierarchy and he will get more and more complacent.

By degrading him or humiliating him, the Mistress is showing that she is in charge and can make him do anything she wishes. It is an extremely effective form of punishment and in most cases will make the slave see the error of his ways and will prevent any future transgressions.

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There are various forms of humiliation available for a dominatrix to use, and an experienced and intelligent Mistress will vary her techniques and apply the most suitable method of embarrassing the unfortunate sub to fit the crime. For example, if he has been masturbating with out permission then she might use chastity humiliation by locking his cock in a chastity cage that absolutely forbids even getting an erection, far less playing with himself.

humioliated sissy camsShe will lock it up and then set a time limit and make him beg and plead to have it removed so he can cum. Men love to wank and live for an orgasm. Some do it 4,5,6 even 8 times a day. So to have his most basic animal instinct removed and to have to beg a superior woman for the privilege of doing what other men can do when ever they want is deeply humiliating.

Some slaves will at first not beg but the Domme will simply not unlock him till the pain of his cum filled balls and the frustration of his locked up cock can be stood no more takes over and he will be willing to do anything.
If a slave has been caught smelling or looking at women’s underwear, then a mean bitch might force him to wear them. Being made to wear women’s underwear is very demeaning to a guy and to have to wear it all the time while knowing that other men around him are wearing boxer shorts etc will deepen his shame. More cruel bdsm cams here

Even something as simple as using the urinals at work will embarrass him as he will be paranoid in case anyone sees. The shame will be enough to behave in future. Donning female panties or tights and being forced to parade in front of his Mistress will cause a slaves cheeks to burn and he will be desperate for the ordeal to end, thus making the choice to humiliate him like this a worth while task.
There are hundreds of humiliation chat rooms online, filled with dominant females and mean bitches who love to humiliate, degrade and embarrass inferior men and they love to tell you all the things they will do to you and then act out all the scenarios.See more of our live mistresses online here on mistress cams

Nothing is too hard core or too far for these strict females. The above examples are only two scenarios. The ability of a live femdom cam humiliatrix to use her vast imagination is breath taking and the things she will think of to do to you will blow your mind.